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Multi-purpose chamber furnace systems

Multi-purpose chamber furnaces are the flexible solution for different heat treatment processes and are used for heat treatment processes such as gas carburizing, hardening, carbonitriding, annealing and high-temperature tempering. Depending on the type of heat treatment, the multi-purpose chamber furnaces are designed with oil or salt quench tanks as well as with a batch cooling system under inert gas atmosphere. Combined with appropriate peripherals, such as tempering and pre-oxidation furnaces, washing machine, grate transport and storage systems, as well as process visualisation and documentation, fully automatic operation is possible with little personnel input.

We offer 2 series:
On the one hand, the "HSH- series", which can be integrated into most chamber furnace lines on the market.

The other is the Wienstroth series, which is trimmed to the highest energy efficiency, i.e., with the latest heating technology (state-of-the-art natural gas burners with over 80% efficiency, hydrogen burners, electrically heated systems), the latest insulation technology with microporous insulating materials, heat recovery systems, muffle and hearth bottoms in glazing-free surfaces and much more.

Here are some pictures illustrating this:

Here you will find an overview of standard sizes of multi-purpose chamber furnace systems. Special sizes according to customer requirements are possible at any time.